Commercial Interior Design by Layan Halwani


In the vibrant landscape of Dubai, where businesses thrive and brands make their mark, the design of commercial spaces plays a pivotal role. At Layan Halwani Interior Architecture, we understand the nuances of commercial interior design. With over two decades of experience, we craft spaces that not only reflect a brand’s essence but also cater to its functional needs, ensuring that every commercial space we design is both impactful and efficient.

Why Layan Halwani for Commercial Design?

Global Expertise:

With over 22 years of experience spanning across continents, our designs are informed by global trends while being tailored to local tastes and requirements.

Diverse Portfolio:

From luxury showrooms to state-of-the-art luxury offices, our portfolio is a testament to our versatility and commitment to excellence in commercial design.

Multilingual Team:

Our trilingual team ensures smooth communication, understanding, and execution of projects, catering to our diverse clientele in English, French, and Arabic.

Strategic Location:

Our Interior design studio, nestled in the Dubai Design District, is at the heart of design innovations, ensuring we’re always at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies.

Our Commercial Design Philosophy

Brand Reflection:

Every brand has a story, and our designs aim to tell that story. We ensure that the interiors resonate with the brand’s identity, values, and aspirations.

Functionality at Forefront:

While aesthetics are crucial, functionality is paramount in commercial spaces. We design with the end-user in mind, ensuring spaces are efficient, user-friendly, and cater to their intended purpose.

Innovative Use of Materials:

We believe in using materials that speak to the brand’s ethos. Whether it’s sustainable materials for eco-conscious brands or luxurious finishes for premium brands, our choices are always in line with the brand’s image.

Adaptable Designs:

Business needs to evolve, and so should the spaces. Our designs are future-proof, ensuring they remain relevant and adaptable to changing business landscapes.

Key Sectors We Serve

Retail Spaces:

From boutiques to large luxury retail stores, our designs ensure an immersive shopping experience, guiding the customer’s journey and highlighting products effectively.

Offices and Workspaces:

We create offices and workspaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity, ensuring that the environment aligns with the company’s culture.


Hotels, restaurants, and cafes designed by us are not just spaces but experiences. We ensure they resonate with the brand’s hospitality ethos and offer guests a memorable stay or dine-in experience.


Our designs for showrooms focus on product highlighting, ensuring that the design complements the products and offers visitors an engaging experience.

Cultural and Event Spaces:

Spaces designed for cultural events or gatherings are crafted to be both functional for the event and reflective of the cultural ethos they represent.

Signature Commercial Projects

Ishraqah Offices, Sheikh Zayed, Dubai, UAE:

A testament to modern design principles, the Ishraqah Offices are a blend of sleek aesthetics and functional spaces. Every corner of this office is designed to foster collaboration and innovation, truly reflecting the brand’s forward-thinking approach.

DIFC Opticals, DIFC, Dubai, UAE:

In the heart of Dubai’s financial hub, the DIFC Opticals store stands out with its inviting design. The space is crafted to showcase optical products effectively, ensuring customers have an engaging shopping experience.

Sultaco Sanitaryware Showroom, Dubai Design District:

A space where design meets functionality. The Sultaco Showroom is an immersive experience, with interiors crafted to highlight the sanitaryware products, ensuring visitors can visualize them in their own spaces.

Z7 Office, Dubai Design District(d3), Dubai, UAE:

Innovation meets design at the Z7 Office. Every nook and corner of this workspace fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation, making it a hub for creative minds.

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More Projects


Layan Halwani Interior Architecture (LHIA) has been situated in the esteemed Dubai Design District in Dubai for over a decade. (LHIA) is a boutique interior design studio specialized in state of art high-end luxurious interior design projects like: The Alya Private Villa.

(LHIA’s) distinctive and sophisticated soulful designs is attracting a plethora of up-scale projects, ranging from luxury residential to luxury commercial and hospitality for exclusive clients. Due to its unique and remarkable exposure in interior design. With a unique blend of international and Middle-Eastern influences, LHIA is committed to crafting exquisite, innovative, and timeless designs that reflect the identity of each client or brand.

Led by Layan Halwani the founder and the design principal, an Interior Architect with more than 25 years of international experience in the field, of which 19 years in Dubai. Distinguished for her passionate and personalized approach, with meticulous involvement in every step of the client relations, to design and execution process.

Layan’s trilingual proficiency in English, French, and Arabic further enhances the studio's adaptability to the needs of both international and local clients.

LHIA's portfolio includes a diverse range of projects that showcase its ability to respond to location, architecture, and client culture, such as the retro-Japanese inspired Al Khawaneej private villa, the eclectic modern Ishraqah offices, the contemporary classic Mar private villa, the statement retail brand concept for DIFC Opticals, the distinctive showroom for Sultaco sanitaryware, and the arabesque minimalist fusion in Orient Private Villa. With a reputation for reliability, responsibility, and impeccable delivery, LHIA continues to set the standard in luxury interior design. Contact Us Now.