Profils Exhibition Stand

Profils Exhibition StandWorld Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

This modern minimalist sculptural exhibition stand was designed for a high-end architectural façade solutions company that complements their brand’s identity. The concept is completely innovative, created to catch the visitors eye from a distance and lead them into a more open space. This encourages conversations, leaving the audience free to explore and view the product displays and presentation.





PetalsDining Table

Inspired by the gentle petals of a flower this table contains a central rotating Lazy Susan on top of graceful curved steel rods simultaneously serving as structure and as an ornament. This dining table comfortably seats 16 people.


ColossalDining Table

This piece is a majestic 27-seater dining table. The surface has an intricate mother of pearl inlay consisting of a finely intertwined floral pattern on rosewood with brass sitting in a delicate transparent brass structure designed in order to take the weight of the table elegantly.